St Giles' tries to be a welcoming, inclusive and friendly church. We're also a very musical one! We'll keep you up to date with all the latest musical goings on and bring you news about all the groups and organisations who make music here.

Autumn is here!

Check out what's been happening throughout the summer in our 2014 news section to your left. It's been a busy season and it's about to be followed by lots of music throughout the autumn...and of course Christmas time! Some of the things you can look forward to include 'Camberwell Scare', our annual scary music event at St Giles' towards the end of October - and some special fundraising concerts to support the 170 year-old organ which lives at St Giles'. 

Harvest Songs of Praise

On Sunday 5th October at 6pm we'll be having a special service to celebrate harvest time. We'll be singing some beautiful hymns and songs as well as listening to words which tell the story of people who worked to bring in the harvest from long ago. 

You can get involved in choosing music too - for the next two Sundays there will be a list at the back of church for people to choose hymns they would like to sponsor as part of the service. You may want to sponsor a hymn as it reminds you of someone - alternatively, you may want to choose a hymn simply because you like the tune!

After the service there will be some a selection of cakes for us all to enjoy along with teas and coffees and perhaps something a bit stronger! Any proceeds will go towards some emergency repairs for our 170-year old organ at St Giles'. 

2014 Concert Series

Our 5th series is now over and what a series it was! From barbershop groups to string quartets and improvisational groups to duos, we've had a fantastically varied set of concerts and everyone at St Giles' hopes that you have enjoyed them!

Planning for our next series will get underway later this year. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has helped with this series, to our sponsors W. Uden & Sons and Haart - and of course to all our performers! Check out pictures and recordings from the concerts on St Giles' Facebook page here


St Giles' Choir

Supported by the Ouseley Trust

Our church choir is a fundamental part of worship at St Giles'. The choir continues a long tradition of choral music both at St Giles' and in the Church of England.

To help us grow the choir and improve our musicanship, a grant has been awarded by the Ousley Trust for a number of choral scholarships which have already made a huge difference to the choir. The grant has enabled us to increase the range of repertoire we are able to sing - as well as inspiring others to join. The trust helps around 40 churches in similar ways every year and we are extremely grateful for their support.

You can find out more about the Trust at the website, here.

Camberwell Community Choir

Autumn Term resumes! Rehearsals on Tuesdays at 7.45pm

After a busy summer with performances at the Young Vic theatre, St Giles' and at King's College Hospital, Autumn term resumes on TUESDAY 16th SEPTEMBER.

Anyone is welcome to join - your first rehearsal is free! Rehearsals take place at the St Giles' Centre opposite the church.